Past Life Amnesia

Many things are fated with oneís being in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong people, again at the wrong time; accidents, illnesses, missing something by a day or minute and so forth. All of this is the result of a lack of knowledge. Reincarnation is a fact. When we enter a new life we bring ourselves with us. This includes past hang-ups and former conditioning, mistaken beliefs, grief, pain and so forth. When we enter a new existence, we do so under amnesia.
There is information available concerning certain experiments. Many of these have been kept from the public because of their cruel nature, studying the effects of artificially induced amnesia on both animal and human subjects and how it directly affects the feedback circuit in the brain. With self-awareness, one can exercise control, but on the other hand, when the feedback circuit is blocked through amnesia, one is prevented from reforming problem programming in one's mind.

Russian psychologist, Ivan Pavlov conducted a series of experiments on dogs. Most of us are familiar with the theory of conditioning, taught in Psychology 1001. Dogs were given food after a bell was rung. The bell, after several times, caused the dog to salivate (anticipate food), whether or not the food followed. The sound produced hunger in the dog. Two separate stimuli, applied within seconds of each other will create an involuntary response in the brain.

Many of his experiments went beyond the conditioning. He was able to produce nervous breakdowns in dogs and other animals, again, by association. The hungry animal would go for the food and he would apply painful shocks, extremely loud noises, blasts of scorching heat or other stimuli creating a survival verses fear/pain situation. This created neurosis and mental illness in the animals, in the same way the Christian Church has ruined the mental health of billions by enforcing the abstinence of sexual intercourse and denying other normal and natural needs. Sexuality is equal to the life force; abstinence creates neuroticism. The enemy gods know all about the human mind and how to destroy it.

Another Russian scientist, A R Luria continued Pavlov's experiments, but this time on humans. (The CIA does this as well, although much has been kept from the public). Luria found that humans, being able to remember, were able to resist the programming and restore their minds through rational thought and the application of will. Luria, (along with the CIA in later years) induced amnesia in his subjects through electric shock treatments, and drug induced trance states where 99.9% of humanity can be hypnotized and reprogrammed.

Electric Shock treatment (EST) has been used to treat and control mental illness. EST causes retrograde amnesia. Memories are destroyed, corresponding with the intensity and frequency of the shocks. With high level EST, one is unable to remember one's name, identity or past. The subject becomes extremely clam and focused in the present. The 1975 movie, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is a good example of the effects of EST especially in the ending where the character, portrayed by Jack Nicholson, was shocked into irreversible brain damage with no memory of his identity or past.

Disturbing thoughts and false memories can be implanted in subjects' minds by the operator's regressing the subjects into early childhood or infancy. At this stage, the mind becomes defenseless and helpless. The operator is perceived as and assumes the role of a parent figure. A prime example of this was where false memories were implanted by an Christian psychiatrist in the subject of the book "Michelle Remembers."

Inducing neuroticism usually, though not always, requires the operator to regress the subject and implant false memories, such as the rape of the child by a parent. One hundred percent of the time, amnesia must be suggested to the subject so the subject will have no recall of the session or implanted suggestions. Reprehensible false memories, fears, and all kinds of psychological problems can be implanted by suggestion in the subjectís mind such as the murdering a loved one, irrational fears, shame, and guilt.

Amnesia prevents the subject from understanding the hang-ups and dealing with them. The subconscious mind retains them and acts on them. The subject is unaware of them, other than having strange, irrational feelings, unexplained neuroses, and abnormal behavior. Regardless, the problems are still there and affect the subject's future behavior. This is what happens when we experience amnesia concerning past lives. We have more experiences than we know hanging around in our subconscious minds and affecting us in this lifetime. We don't understand why bad things happen and we are powerless in many cases to prevent or stop them.

We can begin to really know ourselves and take better control of our lives, by accessing past lives through self-hypnosis, learning, and understanding as much about them as we are able to. We all should take the time to enter our own trance states and explore our own minds, childhood memories, and past lives. Because of the curse of amnesia and the lack of knowledge, there is so-called "karma." Karma can only be overcome and defeated with knowledge. Karma is NOT conformity to any dogma, as many New Age people, and others who are under the Judeo/Christian influence would have others believe, but is cause and effect. Knowledge is the key to everything. Knowing everything about ourselves, past lives and so forth will set us free.


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