Clairaudience is the term for psychic hearing. With the increased sensitivity that comes from a consistent program of power meditation, one can open one's mind to hear sounds on the astral. In the early stages of opening one’s mind, astral sounds can be heard inside of the head; the same as with thoughts. When one progresses, sounds can be heard outside of the head and are much more powerful. Clairaudience usually begins with hearing astral sounds inside of one’s mind.

In the beginning, at least with my own experience, the things I heard outside of my head were nonsense and had no value. These occurred when I opened my crown chakra. Like everything else, clairaudience takes time, meditations to open up the psychic ears and major chakras to be able to access this dimension of astral sound.

When one advances, celestial music can be heard. This is most beautiful. Father Satan visited musician Giuseppe Tartini in a dream. He heard Father play the most beautiful violin music, “indescribably beautiful.” He awoke and wrote down what he could recall, but he could never duplicate the beauty of the music. He named the piece “The Devil’s Trill.”

All frequencies of energy have their own sounds. The entire universe runs on vibration. One of the most interesting experiences in clairaudience is hearing the sounds of the cosmos.

The more psychically open one becomes, the more likely he/she is to encounter different sounds. Anything from bells to ringing, buzzing (this is the bioelectricity; in Ancient Egypt, the bee was a sacred insect. Tutankhamen’s rear headdress (coffin) has a bee stinger attached in gold), flute sounds, roar of the ocean and others. Certain sounds can be annoying, but these symptoms will fade away as one’s system gets used to the heightened level of the life force.

The Seven Ears relate to the seven chakras. By focusing ones awareness on them during meditation and opening them, the ability of clairaudience will manifest. To open them, visualize a star opening up for each one and shining brightly. After this, increase the brilliance and diameter. Opening these energy points will enable one’s mind to hear the astral and unlock pathways for healing energy to circulate. This can be helpful for people who have problems with bad eyesight, hearing, headaches and other problems. Meditating on both the psychic eye and ear points is very powerful for receiving messages from the astral.

Remember, if you ever hear anything you don’t like, just tune it out and shut it off.

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